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Carbon Reduction

Responding to the climate change challenge requires action
at many levels, from highly technical approaches, to organisational change and behavioural change at the individual level.

Sustainable transport - we offer good practice developed in the UK and Europe for Mobility Management & Delivery and Service Planning.

Carbon Reduction Commitment - we can assist you in achieving carbon reduction through Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Procurement, Resource Efficiency, strategic commissioning and service re-design.



Example projects:

ECO-ACTIVE - States of Jersey
Global to Local (G2L) has provided assistance since 2006 to the States of Jersey government to develop and implement an Island wide environmental awareness campaign. The campaign was branded ECO-ACTIVE and was launched through an interactive website including a carbon calculator and open access event called PLANET JERSEY. The success of the ECO-ACTIVE campaign resulted in additional campaigns as part of the same communications ‘family.’ G2L provided support to develop a business accreditation scheme, ECO-ACTIVE Business, which includes advice to businesses on Travel Planning. G2L has implemented workplace and school travel campaigns for the States of Jersey which involved the development and analysis of travel questionnaires and communication tools.